Oil-immersed Transformer

33kV Fully Sealed Three-phase Oil-immersed Power Distribution Transformer(S11-M Series)

  • Series: S11-M
  • USES: Distribution transformer
  • Country of origin: China
  • Terms of payment: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram
  • Certification: ISO9001、CB、CE、KEMA

Product overview

  - Low loss, energy saving and environmental protection, 30% lower than S9 transformer loss
  - Product actual measurement is better than GB and IEC standards, CB CCC KEMA SASO certification
  - More than 50 countries and regions around the world run verification of high reliability
  - It is mainly used in 33KV distribution network, power supply and distribution system of industrial and mining enterprises and civil buildings
  - Products are sold 12598 sets to Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Rwanda and other countries.
  - Executive standard: IEC 60076 series, IEC 6013, IEC 60214-1, IEC 60296;GB1094 series, GB/T6451-2015, GB/T7597-2007, etc

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Product advantage

Leading technology
 - High voltage copper strip winding technology, improve lightning resistance

 - Low voltage copper foil winding technology, high quality A class insulation material insulation
 - Small magnetic leakage, high mechanical strength, strong resistance to short circuit
 - Core 45° fully oblique joint stepping laminated structure

The shell
 - Japanese mitsubishi laser cutting machine and numerical control punching, reducing, folding and other equipment to ensure the accuracy of processing
 - ABB robot automatic welding, laser detection, to avoid leakage, pass rate of 99.99998%
 - Electrostatic plastic spray treatment, 50 years do not take off the paint (coating corrosion resistance within 100h, hardness ≥0.4)
 - Sealed structure, maintenance-free, normal operation life of more than 30 years

The iron core
 - The iron core is made of high quality cold-rolled grain oriented silicon steel sheet with mineral oxide insulation (from Baosteel and WISCO of China).
 - By controlling the cutting and stacking process of silicon steel sheet, the loss level, no-load current and noise can be minimized
 - The iron core is specially reinforced to ensure the structure of the transformer is firm during normal operation and transportation

 - The low voltage winding is made of high quality copper foil with excellent insulation resistance
 - The high-voltage winding is usually wound with insulated copper wire, using the technology patented by hengfengyou electric
 - It has very good ability to bear radial stress caused by short circuit

High quality material
 - Baosteel and WISCO produce silicon steel sheets
 - China's high quality oxygen free copper
 - CNPC (Kunlun Petroleum) High quality transformer oil (25# 40#)

Other Notes
 - The low voltage outlet terminal is tin-plated copper bar
 - High voltage outlet terminals are ring - type tin-plated bolts
 - Default NLTC (no Load tap changer) ,OLTCon load tap changer can be customized.Tap switch 5 or 7 adjustment
 - Transformers above 630KVA are equipped with gas relay protection

Patent technology
 - Thanks to the patented technology of "ultra-low loss energy-saving power transformer" of Hengfengyou Electric, the material can be saved by 5%, and the loss of the transformer can be reduced by 10-20% compared with similar products in the market, which is more energy saving and environmental protection.

Conditions of use

  - Altitude less than 1000m, air temperature -25℃~40℃, humidity less than 90% (+25℃)
  - The vertical incline should not exceed 5°, there is no severe vibration place, and the outdoor wind speed should not exceed 35m/s
  - No gas or conductive dust that seriously affects the insulation of the transformer;No explosion hazard, no corrosion of electrical components
  - If the above normal operating conditions are exceeded, customers can customize the solution with our company

Roduct parameters

  - Input voltage: 33kV
  - Output voltage: 0.4kV
  - Capacity: 30-25000 kva
  - Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
  - Voltage regulation mode: NLTC (no Load tap changer)
  - Remark: voltage, capacity, frequency, connection group and loss can be customized according to customer requirements

额定容量Capacity 额定电压及分接范围Rated voltage&Off-load tapping   联结组标号
Load loss(W)
NO-load current
circuit impedance(%)
 High pressure
  Tap range(%) 
50 kva 33kV
160 1200/1140 1.3 6.5
100 kva 230 2010/1910 1.1 6.5
125 kva 270 2370/2260 1.1 6.5
160 kva 280 2820/2680 1.0 6.5
200 kva 340 3320/3160 1.0 6.5
250 kva 400 3950/3760 0.95 6.5
315 kva 480 4750/4530 0.95 6.5
400 kva 580 5740/5470 0.85 6.5
500 kva 680 6910/6580 0.85 6.5
630 kva 830 7860 0.65 6.5
800 kva 980 9400 0.65 6.5
1000 kva 1150 11500 0.65 6.5
1250 kva 1400 13900 0.6 6.5
1600 kva 1690 16600 0.6 6.5
2000 kva 1990 19700 0.55 6.5
2500 kva 2360 23200 0.55 6.5
3150 kva 2810 27600 0.5 6.5
4000 kva 3360 33000 0.5 6.5
5000 kva 3970 39100 0.5 6.5

Ordering instructions

  - Main parameters of transformer (voltage, capacity, loss and other main parameters)
  - Transformer use environment (altitude, temperature, humidity, place, etc.)
  - Other customized requirements (tap switch, color, oil pillow, etc.)
  - The minimum order quantity is 1 set, global delivery within 7 days
  - The normal delivery period is 30 days, with fast delivery worldwide

Our advantages

  - Authoritative certification: ISO, ANSI, CB, etc
  - Perfect SQA quality management system and patented technology to ensure high quality products
  - Efficient production equipment and low raw material prices to ensure the price advantage
  - Sufficient inventory, short delivery time and  fast delivery worldwide
  - Perfect after-sales service system, allowing customers to buy worry-free
  - Provide OEM/ODM services. Welcome clients to visit our factory.

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