Dry-type Transformer

11KV Three-phase Epoxy Resin Cast Dry-type Distribution Transformer(SCB12 Series )

  • Series: SCB12
  • USES: Distribution transformer
  • Country of origin: China
  • Terms of payment: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram
  • Certification: ISO9001、CB、CE、KEMA

Product overview

  - Lower loss, more energy saving, than SCB11 transformer loss of 35%
  - Actual measurement is better than GB and IEC standards, CB CCC KEMA SASO certification
  - Safer excellent fire performance, F1 class
  - High lightning shock resistance level (95kV for 11kV products)
  - With perfect temperature protection and control system, it can operate under 120% rated load under forced air cooling condition
  - The high reliability verified by global operation has been exported to more than 50 countries and regions
  - It is mainly used in 11KV urban distribution network, power supply and distribution system of industrial and mining enterprises and civil buildings
  - Products are mainly sold to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and other countries and regions
  - Executive standard: IEC 60076 series, GB1094 series, GB/T6451-2008
  - The shell materials are aluminum alloy, cold rolled steel plate, stainless steel, etc. (protection level IP20, IP23, etc.)
750 kvadry-type transformer,500 kva Dry type transformer,1000 kva Dry type transformer

Product advantage

Leading technology
 - High pressure copper strip winding technology, flame retardant formula vacuum pouring

 - Low pressure copper foil winding technology, thermosetting epoxy prepreg cloth insulation
 - High quality iron core 45° fully oblique joint step laminated structure

The iron core
 - The core is made of high quality cold-rolled grain oriented silicon steel sheet with mineral oxide insulation
 - By controlling the cutting and stacking process of silicon steel sheet, the loss level, no-load current and noise can be minimized
 - The surface of the assembled core is sealed with grade F or grade H core paint to prevent dust and corrosion

Low voltage winding
 - The low voltage winding is made of high quality copper foil
 - The insulation between layers is made of thermosetting epoxy prepreg cloth
 - The ends of the windings are insulated with thermosetting epoxy prepreg cloth
 - Excellent insulation resistance
 - It has very good ability to bear radial stress caused by short circuit
 - The outlet terminal of low voltage winding is tin-plated copper bar
 - The whole winding is placed in the oven and heated to 140°C. After 4 hours of polymerization, it has excellent corrosion resistance to industrial gases

High voltage winding
 - Woven with insulated copper wire, and applied by hengfengyou electric exclusive patent technology
 - For small volumes, the high voltage winding uses a linear voltage gradient from top to bottom
 - For large-capacity products, the high-voltage windings are wound by "band winding" technology
 - The application of these methods causes the electric field between adjacent conductors to be very low
 - The transformer has a firm structure during normal operation and transportation

High quality material
 - Baosteel, WISCO silicon steel sheet
 - China produces high quality oxygen free copper
 - Swiss Huntsman epoxy resin (with flame retardant filler)

Patent technology
 - The high pressure coil is cast under high vacuum, and the casting material system is added with a unique flame retardant filler, which is a patented technology of Hengfengyou Electric.When the transformer is exposed to the flame, the transformer will die out immediately.With a unique and excellent flame retardant characteristics and the ability to adapt to harsh working environment.

Conditions of use

  -  Altitude less than 1000m, air temperature -25℃~40℃, humidity less than 90% (+25℃)
  -  The vertical incline should not exceed 5°, there is no severe vibration place, and the outdoor wind speed should not exceed 35m/s
  -  No gas or conductive dust that seriously affects the insulation of the transformer;No explosion hazard, no corrosion of electrical components
  -  If the above normal operating conditions are exceeded, customers can customize the solution with our company

Product parameters

  - Input voltage: 11kV
  - Output voltage: 0.4kV
  - Capacity: 30-2500 kva
  - Remark: voltage, capacity, frequency, connection group and loss can be customized according to customer requirements

  - Main parameters of transformer (voltage, capacity, loss and other main parameters)
  - Transformer use environment (altitude, temperature, humidity, place, etc.)
  - Other customized requirements (tap switch, color, oil pillow, etc.)
  - The minimum order quantity is 1 set, global delivery within 7 days
  - The normal delivery period is 30 days, with fast delivery worldwide

Our advantages

  - Authoritative certification: ISO、CE、CB、CCC、SASO、KEMA, etc
  - Perfect SQA quality management system and patented technology to ensure high quality products
  -  Efficient production equipment and low raw material prices to ensure the price advantage
  - Sufficient inventory, short delivery time and  fast delivery worldwide
  - Perfect after-sales service system, allowing customers to buy worry-free
  - Provide OEM/ODM services. Welcome clients to visit our factory.
额定容量Capacity 额定电压及分接范围Rated voltage&Off-load tapping   联结组标号
Load loss(W)
NO-load current(%)
circuit impedance(%)
 High pressure
  Tap range(%) 
25 kva 11 10.5
10 6.6
6.3 6

190 710 2 4
50 kva 270 1000 2 4
60 kva 370 1380 1.5 4
100 kva 400 1570 1.5 4
125 kva 470 1850 1.3 4
150 kva 540 2130 1.3 4
200 kva ±5%
620 2530 1.1 4
250 kva 720 2760 1.1 4
300 kva 880 3470 1 4
400 kva 980 3990 1 4
500 kva 1160 4880 1 4
600 kva 1340 5880 0.85 4
750 kva 1300 5960 0.85 6
800 kva 1520 6960 0.85 6
1000 kva 1770 8130 0.85 6
1250 kva 2090 9100 0.85 6
1500 kva 2450 11700 0.85 6
2000 kva 3050 14400 0.7 6
2500 kva 3600 17100 0.7 6

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