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Core Advantage

   The core competitiveness of an enterprise is the decision-making power of the enterprise, which includes the judgment of grasping the overall situation and judging the situation, the innovation power of daring to break through and compete, the cultural power of learning from others' strong points and forging ahead, and the affinity of ensuring quality, honesty and trustworthiness.
Our team:
Hengfengyou electric think: only excellent talents can build excellent enterprises, so we attach great importance to the selection and training of talents
Here, we make it possible for everyone to take full advantage of our capabilities and resources, anywhere, anytime, for anyone. In the process, we create and provide equal opportunity for anyone, anywhere. We continue to create an inclusive environment and open doors to people from all walks of life. We strive to be the best and to be innovative in our life and work. Together, we dare to think outside the box and turn those fantastic ideas into reality.
>We have a strong technical team, electrical engineers have more than 10 years of rich work experience
>Our workshop workers are all skilled industrial workers who have received three months 'pre-job training
>Our sales team has been extensively trained by management consultants and is able to provide professional solutions for customers
>Our technical team is able to provide customers with round-the-clock technical support worldwide
>Our customer service team ensures that orders are delivered on time.
Service experience
At the same time, Hengfengyou Electric pays more attention to customer service experience. For this reason, Hengfengyou Electric has invested a lot of time and energy to cultivate a large number of excellent employees, so that customers can have a better service experience
>Pre-sale service
Quick quotation, global fast delivery
Professional sales staff to provide sales consulting services
Professional technical team to provide pre-sales technical consulting services
>Sale service
The minimum order quantity is 1 set within 7 days
Full picture tracking can be realized during production and transportation
Customers can come to the company for factory inspection at any time
>After-sales service
If there is any quality problem after receipt of the goods, we can replace them free of charge
We provide customers with a 2 - year warranty, free purchase
To provide global 24 hours 365 days of technical consulting services


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