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Order Instructions


 Ordering instructions

>Switchgear ordering instructions
- Main electrical schematics
- Permutations, combinations and plans
- Model, specification and quantity of main components.
- Inlet and outlet lines and cable specifications, etc
- If busbar connection is required between devices, busbar and height above ground shall be provided.
- Other ordering requirements
>Ordering Instructions for Box Substation
- Main circuit scheme drawing or electrical schematic diagram
- Model, specification and quantity of main components.
- Inlet and outlet lines and cable specifications, etc
- Shell material and appearance: composite board, steel plate, stainless steel plate, cement board, etc
- Other ordering requirements
>Transformer ordering instructions
- Main parameters of transformer (voltage, capacity, loss and other main parameters)
- Transformer use environment (altitude, temperature, humidity, location, etc.)
- Other customized requirements (tap switch, color, oil pillow, etc.)
- Minimum order quantity: 1 set, global delivery within 7 days
- The normal delivery period is 30 days, fast delivery worldwide

>Iron tower ordering instructions
-Tower structure drawing
-Tower type, purpose, quantity and bearing equipment
-Service environment, wind speed and other stress factors
-Nuts, bolts and other accessories
-Other order requirements
>Cable ordering instructions
-Schematic diagram of cable structure
-Use and structure size of cable
-Rated voltage, color and conductor material
-Cable model, specification and executive standard
-Other order requirements
>Payment instructions
- The quotation is based on EXW factory price (settlement currency: USD/RMB)
- Validity of quotation: 30 days (stable price of raw materials)
- Delivery time: 15-30 days (longer for special products or large quantities)
- Payment progress: 50% in advance, 50% before shipment
- Payment methods: T/T, LC, Western Union, Paypal
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