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Work in hengfengyou electric and expand your career
Here, we make it possible for everyone to take full advantage of our capabilities and resources, anywhere, anytime, for anyone. In the process, we create and provide equal opportunity for anyone, anywhere. We continue to create an inclusive environment and open doors to people from all walks of life. We strive to be the best and to be innovative in our life and work. Together, we dare to think outside the box and turn those fantastic ideas into reality.
(Ⅰ) The core culture of the company: constant success, virtue and prosperity, and long-term friendship
• Constant - Constant success
Perseverance, everything is done! Striver for this, long-term hard struggle, the decisive factor of success is to work perseverance.
• Fung - Dezhufeng
Virtue holds all things, virtue can hold all things, life can be more successful, you want to make more money, you have to work more, to provide valuable services to customers.
• Friends - friends for the long haul
Hengfengyou, good friend. Take customers as the center, turn customers into friends, give each other the maximum value
(Ⅱ) Corporate Philosophy
Honest and trustworthy, work hard, pay attention to training, cherish talents; Quality safety, customer success, win-win cooperation, innovation and development
(Ⅲ) Enterprise care
1. Care for health: for the health of family members, the company regularly organizes health training
2. Staff training: skills, culture and strategy training
3. Dining together on important festivals: to unite people and create strategic cooperation
4. Caring for parents: buy gifts for employees' parents every year
5. Organize employees to travel: enhance communication among employees and increase tacit understanding
二、We are more than just a company

>Grow up together
At Hengfengyou Electric, daily learning and daily renewal is one of our core values. We have a complete training synergy to meet the needs of employees of all ages, through mutual learning, to maintain core competitiveness.
>Everyone is a master
We value our responsibility as an employer and our "equity allocation" policy gives equal opportunity to employees wherever they are. Our leading employee stock ownership plan enables our employees to share in the achievements of the company in time. Together with Schneider, create mutual win!
>Reward system
Your hard work will be recognized. Freedom breeds innovation and unleashes endless potential. Hengfengyou employees have the right to be recognized wherever they are.
>Plan your career
Join a professional and young enterprise, at hengfengyou electric, we help you to make your career plan into reality. We provide talented professionals with superior conditions to add motivation to your career.
>Equal working environment
Here, no matter who you are, where you come from, or whether you are male or female, you can find your own sense of belonging and unique value.
三、Check out our job opportunities

>The sales department

Sales commissioner

I. [Qualifications] :

1. Age: 22-30.

2. Education and Major: College degree or above, major in international trade, marketing, English, etc.

At least 2 years of business operation experience in trade field, fresh graduates with excellent international trade and business English are also acceptable.

4. Professional knowledge: Proficient in international trade business knowledge, familiar with domestic and foreign industry trends of the products operated by the company, and master relevant knowledge of marketing.

5. Skills: Proficient in the use of automated office software, familiar with the export process of foreign trade, CET-4 or above, clear and fluent in written and oral expression; Ability to develop clients independently.

6. Personal quality: love sales, hard-working, team spirit, strong sense of responsibility.

II. [Job Responsibilities]

1. Responsible for developing foreign market customers, establishing files and maintaining customers;

2. Replying to inquiries, quotations, business negotiations, signing contracts, and achieving the company's business objectives.

3. Responsible for the follow-up order production progress tracking, export documents making, the entire export link operation and follow-up after-sales service.

4. Constant self-learning to improve the position's business ability

5. Obey leaders, report daily work, and complete other tasks assigned by superiors

III. [Work authority]

Quotation, contract signing and suggestion of promotion plan within the scope authorized by supervisor and manager

Sales director

I. [Job Requirements] :

1. Age: 25-35

2. Education and Major: Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade, marketing, English, etc.

3. Work experience: At least 5 years working experience, at least 3 years management experience in the same industry or similar industry, at least 2 years senior management experience.

4. Professional knowledge: Proficient in international trade business knowledge, familiar with domestic and foreign industry trends of the products operated by the company, and master relevant knowledge of marketing.

5. Skills: familiar with export process, team building ability, strong sense of responsibility and mission.

6. Personal qualities: excellent professional ethics and cultivation, love the job, have strong communication skills, leadership, judgment and decision-making ability, etc.

II. [Job Responsibilities]

1. Set up and lead the team to complete the sales tasks and targets of the department.

2. Responsible for quotation, negotiation, signing, document review, order management, transportation, customs clearance, foreign exchange collection and other work of foreign trade orders

3. Pay attention to team building, pay attention to the cultivation and care of subordinates, improve team cohesion and combat effectiveness.

4. Coordinated and cooperated with other departments.

5. Manage and reasonably distribute customer information, and timely feedback and deal with customer requirements.

6. Obedience to leaders, daily work report and other matters assigned by the company

III. [Work authority]

Quotation approval, department leave approval, department expense approval, customer resource management and inquiry allocation. Supervise and punish department employees who violate company rules.

>Technical department

Transformer engineer

[Job Responsibilities]

1. Responsible for collecting information of electrical industry and competitors, national related technical policies and standards, and providing information support for product research and development;

2. Fully responsible for the formulation and implementation of the production process flow and process standards of transformer products, and the formation of internal process document standard system;

3. Responsible for the design drawing and budget quotation of oil-immersed transformer.


1. College degree or above, major in electrical or mechanical related, CET4;

2. Familiar with the production process and manufacturing process of 10KV-35KV oil-immersed and dry-type transformers.

3. At least 3 years experience in distribution transformer design, drawing and budget quotation, proficient in SoliderWorks and other drawing software;

Complete electrical engineer

[Qualifications] :

1. Age: 25-35

2. Education and Major: College degree or above, major in electrical automation, electromechanical or related, CET-4

3. Work experience: more than two years of experience in design, budget and quotation of complete sets of electrical equipment.

4. Professional knowledge: Familiar with complete sets of electrical, transformer and other professional knowledge

5. Skills: Proficient in CAD, EPLAN and other electrical drawing and budgeting software, familiar with electrical industry standards, various high and low voltage electrical complete sets of equipment, familiar with the selection of electrical components of various brands, able to budget and quote independently;

6. Personal quality: have a strong sense of responsibility, rigorous and meticulous, good teamwork and communication skills


[Job Responsibilities]

1. Responsible for the technical scheme design, budget quotation, electrical and power distribution schematic diagram design of electrical engineering projects and communicate with customers, able to provide accurate and efficient quotations for customer inquiries;

2. Responsible for the pre-sale, sale and after-sales technical support of electrical products;

3. Electrical component selection and budget cost control;

4. Participate in the commissioning and acceptance of the electrical part of the project;

5. Conducted technical training for other departments of the company;

6. Obedience to leaders, daily work report and other matters assigned by the company.

>IT operation Department

Operating commissioner

I. [Qualifications] :

1. Age: 24-30

2. Education and Major: Bachelor degree or above. Major in English, e-commerce, marketing, etc.

3. Work Experience: At least 2 years of relevant working experience.

4. Professional knowledge: familiar with e-commerce, marketing, CET-4 or above.

5. Skills: Familiar with B2B e-commerce platforms for foreign trade, the principles and strategies of SEO, the ranking rules of Google and other search engines, and proficient in the optimization of all kinds of search engines above, including site optimization, site optimization and internal and external link optimization, familiar with common image design software, with certain design ability.

6. Personal qualities: honest and trustworthy, good observation ability, analysis and judgment ability, serious and responsible for work, strong learning ability and good communication skills.

II. [Job Responsibilities]

1. Responsible for the operation of the company's website and foreign trade platform, product release, information update and maintenance, etc., optimize the keywords and long-tail keywords, and improve the ranking of the website in search engines such as Google;

2. Conducted SEO/SEM promotion for websites, social software and streaming media, and increased inquiries;

3. Collect and make statistics of marketing data on a regular basis, timely report marketing situation to superiors and put forward effective marketing promotion plans;

4. Collection, analysis and study of market information within the industry and information of competitors' websites (promotion mode and operation mode, etc.);

5. Completed the construction and maintenance of VI of the company, and continuously improved the corporate image

6. Obedience to leaders, assist in the work within the department or other departments and other matters assigned by leaders.

III. [Work authority]

Suggestions of marketing and promotion programs and suppliers

Operations director

I. [Qualifications] :

1. Age: 24-40

2. Education and Major: Bachelor degree or above, major in English, e-commerce, marketing, etc.



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