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Albanian customers are very satisfied with the 31.5MVA and 50MVA power main transformer delivered by Hengfengyou Electric

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Recently, a leading energy company in Albania sent a congratulatory message expressing great satisfaction with the two 50MVA-115/37.5/20.8KV and 31.5MVA-115/37.5/20.8KV power transformers purchased and installed by Hengfengyou Electric, a well-known Chinese electrical equipment manufacturer, in 2021. Currently, the main transformer has been connected to the grid for 3 years and has operated well without any faults. During the product operation, Hengfengyou Electric has provided timely training and guidance to customers, Helped customers use and maintain power transformers correctly, and received positive feedback from customers. The implementation of this project will have a positive and far-reaching impact on Albania's electricity infrastructure construction and grid upgrading. It can be said that both sides have achieved win-win and development.
Albania Power Transformer Export
According to Jack, the sales manager of Hengfengyou Electric, the purchased Hengfengyou Electric 50MVA power transformer is equipped with a German MR tap changer and requires a corrosion resistance level of C5. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy conservation, stability and reliability, and high corrosion resistance. Its voltage level is 115/37.5/20.8KV, which can not only meet the current and future high-voltage transmission needs of Albania, but also effectively improve the efficiency of grid operation and power supply stability. This power main transformer adopts advanced manufacturing technology and high-quality materials, with excellent overload and short-circuit resistance, and can operate stably for a long time in complex and ever-changing power grid environments.
Albania Power Transformer price
For Albania, this procurement not only strengthens its domestic power supply infrastructure, but also reflects its active response to global energy transformation and the improvement of the intelligent and green level of the power system. As a leading electrical equipment supplier in China and even globally, Hengfengyou Electric has helped Albania advance its energy modernization process by providing high-quality and high-performance products, demonstrating the strong strength and international influence of "Made in China".
Overall, this decision by the Albanian client marks a new height of cooperation between the two countries in the field of power equipment, and fully demonstrates that Hengfengyou Electric's products and services have been unanimously recognized in the international market. We look forward to this batch of high-end power transformers playing a crucial role in the optimization and upgrading of Albania's power system after being put into use, and further promoting deep cooperation and development between the two sides in the energy field.


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