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Happy May 4th Youth Day 2022

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    May 4th Youth Day originated from China's anti imperialist and patriotic "May 4th Movement" in 1919. The May 4th patriotic movement is a complete patriotic movement against imperialism and feudalism, and it is also the beginning of China's new democratic revolution. Who belongs to youth? Today, let Jack, the sales director of hengfengyou electric, give you a detailed introduction.

Happy May 4th Youth Day 2022

In 2020, the United Nations who published the age division standard, which divides people's life into five age groups:
·Minors: 0 to 17 years old;
·Young people: 18 to 65 years old;
·Middle aged: 66 to 79 years old;
·Elderly: 80 to 99 years old;
·Longevity: over 100 years old
The World Health Organization's division is mainly about the extension of effective life. In the past, it was "it's rare for people to live at 70", but now it is "it's not uncommon for people to live at 90. 70 is still a little brother." Therefore, subtracting the age of the existing elderly from 20 years old can be more in line with the actual situation of the elderly today.
Today, I'd like to introduce a reasonable age division standard:
·Infants aged 0-7: the preschool period of the corresponding person.
·8-14 years old is a teenager: roughly corresponding to the person's primary school, you are a young pioneer.
·Young people aged 15-29: they can join the Communist Youth League at the age of 15.
·30-45 years old is the prime of life: This is the best time in one's life. With certain experience, one can keep up with his physical strength. Say it's young, a little older; It's middle-aged. It's a little smaller. Join a prime of life between middle-aged and young people.
·46-60 years old is middle-aged; Although physical strength has declined, it is a matter of the whole society.
·61-79 years old are middle-aged and elderly people: This is a watershed. It is likely that because of an event, you will bid farewell to heavy physical labor and enter your old-age life.
·More than 80 people have really entered the life of old age.
According to the review, according to the United Nations Standard for young people: 18 to 65 years old; According to China's national conditions, the definition of 15-46 years old is more suitable for young people.


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