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Summer Solstice 2022-HENGFENGYOU GROUP

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The summer solstice is the 10th of the 24 solar terms. After the summer solstice, the ground is heated strongly and the air convection is vigorous, which is easy to form thunderstorms. This kind of hot thunderstorm comes and goes quickly, and the rainfall range is small. Some areas may have rainstorm weather, which is easy to form flood disaster.
The summer solstice is the "plum rain" season in the Yangtze Huaihe River area. At this time, it is the plum ripening period in the south of the Yangtze River. The air is very humid. Cold and warm air masses converge here and form a low-pressure trough, resulting in continuous overcast and rainy weather. In such weather, the utensils are moldy, and the human body feels uncomfortable. Some mosquitoes reproduce rapidly, and some intestinal bacteria are also easy to breed. HENGFENGYOU  GROUP reminds everyone to pay attention to the hygiene of drinking water and try not to eat raw and cold food to prevent the occurrence and spread of infectious diseases.

Summer Solstice 2022


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