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Our latest oil -immersed iron heart parallel anti -electrical resistor passed type test

Writer: Hengfeng you electric Time:2022-11-02 views:times

      Recently, Hengfengyou Electric's latest oil-immersed iron core parallel parallel anti-electrical anti-electrical anti-electrical anti-electrical anti-electrical anti-electricity passed third-party type test, 5KV (BKS-60000/35) and 10kV (BKS-10000/10.5) oil-soaked iron core parallel anti-electrical anti-electrical anti-electrical anti-electrical anti-electrical resistance The power industry electrical equipment quality inspection and testing center and the national transformer quality supervision and inspection center are passed. The performance indicators have excellent performance. The success of this product test enriches the product type of our company and enhances the research and development capabilities of our electric anti -product product category. The passage of the experiment has accumulated valuable experience for our company's research and development in such products, but also provided important support for our company's market to open up the market.
      Exploring new technologies and developing new products has always been the long -standing corporate spirit of Hengfengyou Electric. The experienced R & D team has made our company more and more open on the road of innovation. The ability of our research and development team is fully reflected in product performance. Oil -soaked iron -hearted iron -hearted parallel winding rim developed average temperature below 50K, far lower than the national standard 60K; the noise in the 6000kvar state is only 66dB, which is far lower than the standard 75DB; Below 59dB.
      Oil -immersed iron -hearted parallel anti -electrical antifiers have many advantages such as small electromagnetic pollution, low noise, small volume, light weight, and beautiful appearance, and have strong adaptability to the environment. For users of Southern Power Grid, national power grid, or other long -distance transmission, oil -soaked iron -hearted parallel antibody resistance can weaken the increase in long -term industrial frequency voltage of empty or light -loading duration, which can improve the voltage distribution and non -merit distribution along the route. Reduce loss, reduce potential supply current, is conducive to eliminating self -motivation of generators and ensuring that the line operation is reliable.
      After passing the oil -soaking iron heart parallel anti -electrocomputer, after passing the third -party type test, our company will increase market development efforts, continue to pay attention to customer needs and changes, strive to open up new markets, actively participate in various bidding, obtain more orders opportunities, to be for it, to get more opportunities for orders. 


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