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10-35KV BS13-WF2 fully enclosed anti-corrosion transformer

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Product overview

The fully enclosed anti-corrosion transformer has the characteristics of good sealing, dust-proof, anti-corrosion and isolation from combustible gases. The product meets the national IEC standards and various national standards, and its appearance design, anti-corrosion effect and electrical performance meet the standards. This product has passed the provincial technical appraisal, obtained the model license issued by the national authority Shenyang Transformer, and won the National High tech New Product Expo Excellence Award. This product has been widely used in national key projects, such as Yangzi Petrochemical, Jinling Petrochemical, Tianjin Ethylene, Tianjin Fertilizer Plant, Hubei Dayukou, Yunnan Dahuang Phosphorus, Lanzhou Chemical Company, Weihe Fertilizer General Plant, Guizhou Liberation Army Fertilizer Plant, etc.
This fully sealed anti-corrosion power transformer includes a shell, a winding and a transformer core. The shell of the transformer core is provided with a low-voltage outgoing line end and a high-voltage incoming line end. The low-voltage outgoing line end and a high-voltage incoming line end are covered by a sealed box. The high-voltage incoming line end is provided with a cable drum. The cable drum is provided with a cable locking device. The outlet of the cable drum is provided with a sealing filler. The surface of the shell is coated with anti-corrosion coating.
10-35KV <a href='https://www.hengfengyou.com/jishu/365.html' target='_blank'><u>BS</u></a>13-WF2 fully enclosed anti-corrosion transformer


Product advantage

>The low-voltage outlet terminal and high-voltage terminal are in a closed state and will not be corroded.
>The high-voltage wiring shall be protected by the cable gland, and the cable gland shall be sealed by the filler to prevent the high-voltage wiring from corrosion.
>The flange and bus duct are used to connect the low-voltage outgoing terminal, which can ensure that the low-voltage bus is in a sealed state. The shell adopts anti-corrosion coating, which can prevent the shell from rusting for 15 years.
>The no-load loss of S13 is 30% lower than that of S11, the no-load current is 30%~50% lower, and the noise is 5-8dB lower.
>S13 high and low voltage coil windings are made of copper foil, with free working current distribution and more reasonable structure, which improves the insulation performance of the coil.
>The transformer body is automatically dried in the vacuum drying furnace by the variable pressure method to ensure the insulation quality and prolong the service life of the product.
>The transformer adopts corrugated oil tank, which is formed by folding and pressing at one time and welded by hydrogen protection. It has the advantages of strong pressure bearing, good elastic deformation, high heat dissipation coefficient and no leakage during operation.

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