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What are the main components and functions of the transformer

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The most basic structural components of transformer are composed of iron core, winding and insulation. In addition, for safe and reliable operation, oil tank, cooling equipment and maintenance equipment are also installed.
(1) Iron core: the iron core of the transformer is the path of the magnetic line of force, which has the effect of concentrating and strengthening the magnetic flux and is used together to support the winding.
(2) Winding: the winding of the transformer is the path of current. The current is connected through the winding and the induced electromotive force is generated by the effect of electromagnetic induction.
(3) Oil tank: the oil tank is the shell of the oil immersed transformer. The main body of the transformer is placed in the oil tank, which is filled with transformer oil.
(4) Oil conservator: the oil conservator is also called auxiliary oil tank. It is a barrel descriptor made of steel plate. It is horizontally installed on the transformer oil tank cover and connected with the oil tank with a curved connecting pipe. One end of the oil conservator is equipped with an oil level indicator. The volume of the oil conservator is generally 8% ~ 10% of the oil volume of the transformer oil tank.

What are the main components and functions of the transformer
The effect is that the transformer is filled with oil. Because the oil level in the conservator is at a certain limit, there is room for maneuver when the oil expands and shortens at different temperatures, and the spare position in the conservator is small, so that the oil and air touch less, reducing the possibility of oil moisture and oxidation. In addition, the oil temperature in the oil conservator is much lower than that in the upper part of the oil tank, which is almost bad for oil convection in the oil tank. A gas relay is installed on the connecting pipe between the conservator and the oil tank to reflect the internal faults of the transformer.
(5) Respirator: the respirator is equipped with desiccant, namely silica gel, to absorb moisture in the air.
(6) Explosion proof pipe: the explosion-proof pipe is installed on the oil tank cover of the transformer. The top of the explosion-proof pipe is equipped with a glass sheet. When there is a problem in the transformer and high pressure occurs, the gas in the oil will break through the glass sheet and discharge to the outside of the oil tank, release the pressure, and then maintain the transformer oil tank from damage.
(7) Thermometer: the thermometer is installed in the side temperature cylinder on the oil tank cover to measure the upper oil temperature in the oil tank.
(8) Bushing: bushing is an insulating equipment that leads the leads of high and low voltage windings of transformer to the outside of oil tank. It is not only the insulation of the lead to the ground (shell), but also undertakes the effect of fixing the lead.
(9) Cooling equipment: cooling equipment is the equipment that emits the heat generated by the transformer during operation.
(10) Oil purifier: also known as temperature difference filter. Its main part is a cylindrical clean oil tank welded with steel plate, which is installed on one side of the transformer oil tank. The tank is filled with silica gel, activated alumina and other adsorbents. During operation, because of the temperature difference between the upper oil and the lower oil, the transformer oil moves from top to bottom and forms convection through the oil purifier. The oil touches the adsorbent, and the water, acid and oxide are absorbed to purify the oil.
Extending the service life of oil, the oil purifier of strong oil circulation transformer makes the transformer oil flow through the clean oil pump by oil flow pressure difference to achieve the purpose of purification.
The above is the main components and functions of the transformer. If you want to further understand other contents of the transformer, you can consult the engineer of the transformer manufacturer: + 86 15853252696, or email us hfy@hengfengyou.com


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