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Hengfengyou Electric Successfully Delivered 92 10kv/63kva-400kva Oil Immersed Transformers to Kyrgyzstan Customers

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Hengfengyou Electric has successfully delivered 92 10kv/63kva-400kva oil-immersed transformers to customers in Kyrgyzstan. After 16 working days of hard work, all employees in the Hengfengyou Electric Transformer Workshop have successfully delivered 2 complete cabinets to customers in Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, 92 10kv/63kva-400kva oil-immersed transformers. At present, the container has been successfully packed and shipped from Qingdao Jiaozhou Railway. It is expected to arrive in Kyrgyzstan in about 20 days through the China Europe Express and land transportation.
Due to the heavy weight of power transformers, in order to ensure transportation safety, all power transformers are shipped using welded iron frames and steel wire ropes to ensure that they do not collide with the transformers during transportation and ensure the integrity of the products delivered to customers.

According to Jack, the sales manager of Hengfengyou Electric, the power transformer market in Kyrgyzstan is facing continuous growth in demand. Mainly attributed to the increased investment in infrastructure construction by the Kyrgyz government, as well as the deepening cooperation between China and Kyrgyzstan in the energy field, the demand for power equipment such as transformers will also be further increased.
Kyrgyzstan is one of the most populous countries in Central Asia, and the growth in electricity demand will bring greater potential to the power transformer market. At the same time, Kyrgyzstan is actively promoting the modernization of its power industry to improve the manufacturing level and technological content of power equipment, which will also bring more opportunities to the transformer market.
However, the transformer market in Kyrgyzstan also faces some challenges. For example, with fierce market competition and uneven product quality; The high transportation cost affects the cost-effectiveness of the product; And the relatively backward infrastructure construction in the power industry has affected the promotion and application of products.
Overall, Jack, the sales manager of Hengfengyou Electric, believes that the market prospects for Kyrgyzstan's power transformers are promising, but efforts need to be strengthened in improving product quality, optimizing market environment, and reducing transportation costs to meet the growing demand of the market.


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