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Hengfengyou Electric participated in the Uzbek 2024 Electrical Exhibition and achieved a complete success, signing a million dollar power transformer contract.

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Recently, under the leadership of Sales Director Jack and Sales Manager Zeoy, Hengfengyou Electric participated in the Uz Energy Expo 2023 held at the Tashkent Exhibition Center in the capital of Uzbekistan, with a team of four people and achieved a complete success.
Hengfengyou Electric Attends Uzbekistan 2023 Electrical Exhibition
At the exhibition, Hengfengyou Electric showcased high-quality three-phase oil-immersed transformers and KBSGZY Dry Type Mining Explosion Isolation Moveable Transformer Substation, which received strong attention from customers from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Russia and other neighboring countries. During the exhibition, Hengfengyou Electric had in-depth discussions and exchanges with multiple local customers. Sales Director Jack and Sales Manager Zeoy visited several important transformer distributors, electrical engineering companies, and transformer companies in the local area, and ultimately successfully signed contracts for a total of 1.723 million US dollars for 10kV three-phase oil-immersed transformers and 6kV explosion-proof isolation transformers.
Hengfengyou Electric, as an electrical enterprise specializing in the production of power transformers, has always been committed to providing the highest quality electrical products and services. By participating in the 2023 Uzbekistan Electricity Exhibition, Hengfengyou Electric not only demonstrated its strength, but also expanded its market and established deep friendship and business relations with more international customers. Recently, customers invited to visit Hengfengyou Electric Company will visit one after another.
At the same time, Uzbekistan, as an important country in Central Asia, is located at the transportation hub of Central Asia and has broad market and development potential. The participation of Hengfengyou Electric has also injected new vitality into the economic and trade cooperation between China and Ukraine. Jack, Sales Director of Hengfengyou Electric, believes that with the joint efforts of the two governments and enterprises, China Ukraine economic and trade cooperation will usher in a better future.
In short, Hengfengyou Electric's participation in the Uzbekistan Electric Exhibition was a complete success and the signing of contracts for million level oil immersed transformers and mining explosion-proof isolation transformers was not only a recognition of Hengfengyou Electric's strength, but also an active exploration of China Ukraine economic and trade cooperation. We believe that this cooperation will inject new impetus into the friendship and future development of China Ukraine.


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