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Recently, delta variant virus is rampant all over the world. When is the end of this world disaster?

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Recently, the Asian region: Delta(SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant), a virus in Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam and Singapore, has been raging. The Asian Multi Country epidemic has intensified. The epidemic prevention and control pressure is enormous. In the past, we found that it took 15 minutes for people to infect COVID-19 from another person less than one meter away. Now, however, we find that the delta variant can infect people in just five seconds, and the virus is airborne. When is the end of this world disaster? Let's take Martin, chief economic consultant of hengfengyou electric, to find out from the book of changes and the book of earth.
Chinese culture, Chinese epidemic forecast, global epidemic forecast
The ancient Chinese believed that natural disasters had certain regularity, and the book of changes and the book of earth mother also predicted according to this regularity. In the year of rat in 2020, the first sentence of "Di Mu Jing" is: "in the year of Taisui and gengzi, the people die violently", and the last sentence is "in the three winters, there are tombs on the mountain". I believe this is also a more appropriate and accurate prediction and summary of 2020. Facts have proved that: the prediction of China's "Yi Jing" and "Di Mu Jing" is very accurate. Why is it accurate? It is based on the laws of nature's operation. To be exact, the "Yi Jing" and "Di Mu Jing" only reveal the laws of nature's operation, not the prediction.
The general content of the prediction of the year 2021 in the book of the earth's mother is: in 2021, the disease will begin to subside slightly, which can also be understood as the end. In agriculture, the rainfall is relatively uniform, and there will be a good harvest in autumn. The disease has just slowed down in the past year, and animal has entered a plague. Cattle, horses, sheep and poultry will not go smoothly in 2021. They will also encounter similar COVID-19 injuries.
People, regardless of their status, are very sad. The people at the top are very sad, and the ordinary people are also very poor. Half will die at the end of the year, but the remaining half will have a good life.
Chinese culture, Chinese epidemic forecast, global epidemic forecast
Combined with the analysis and prediction of the book of changes and the book of the earth mother, we believe that the global epidemic will ease significantly in August 2021 (after the first autumn of the Chinese lunar calendar). In the spring of 2022, the global epidemic will really be under control! At that time, the global economy will rebound in a V-shape and people's life will gradually return to normal. Let's wait and see.
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