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Warm blooded pioneer, cheer for love

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Warm blooded pioneer, cheer for love
Source: hengfengyou electric    Author: Chunyu    time: August 3, 2021

Hengfengyou electric public welfare, hengfengyou electric blood donation and hengfengyou love
Give a drop of blood, pass a love and save a life. On August 3, Qingdao hengfengyou electric launched a free blood donation activity with the theme of "blood pioneer, cheer for love". More than 100 cadres and employees of hengfengyou electric actively participated in blood donation, donated to the centennial of the founding of the party with practical actions, and bravely undertook the glorious mission of "striving to be an example, striving to be a model and walking in the forefront".
With the global epidemic raging and the catastrophic flood disaster in Henan Province, China, more than 100 employees of Qingdao hengfengyou electric signed up for free blood donation this year under the organization and mobilization of the company's Party committee. After strict steps such as blood pressure measurement, health registration and preliminary screening test, the employees who successfully passed the inspection came to the blood collection office, proudly rolled up their sleeves and gave their love. The bright red blood slowly flows into the blood bag along the needle tube, and drops of blood ignite the new hope of life. Selfless dedication, continuation and inheritance of social responsibility shine on this love stage.


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