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Mini Substation exported to South Africa

Writer: Hengfeng you electric Time:2022-06-24 views:times

Hengfengyou electric 33kV compact Mini substation was exported to South Africa today. The shell is made of Q235 steel plate with electrostatic plastic spraying treatment on the surface. It will not take off the paint for 30 years. The protection grade is IP65. Executive Standards: IEC60076, IEC61439, IEC60529, IEC62262, IEC 61330, iec60721, IEC 62271-1, IEC62271-200, IEC62271-202, IEC62271-208.
Hengfengyou Electric will start to build overseas local chemical plants. The cooperation mode is joint venture for the construction of local compact substations, small substations, ring host and transformer assembly, testing and manufacturing.
Hengfengyou Electric is a specialized electric company focusing on the manufacturing and sales of compact substation products. Thirty years of production experience in the global power market. It has been successfully sold to more than 50 countries around the world. The product certification is complete. Hengfengyou Electric will provide you with the best prefabricated compact substation product solutions.
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