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Slight Heat 2022

Slight Heat is the eleventh of the twenty-four solar terms. Folk Slight Heat has the customs of "eating new", "eating dumplings", "eating fried noodles" and so on. In addition, on the sixth day of June in the lunar calendar, there is a folk custom of drying calligraphy, paintings and clothes. It is said that after drying this day, you can avoid being eaten by insects, so there is a saying "June 6, sun red and green".
In the past, there was a folk custom of "eating new" in southern China during the Slight Heat vacation. The "eating new" is to grind the newly beaten rice and wheat into powder and make all kinds of cakes and noodles, which can be shared by neighbors and villagers to express their wishes for a good harvest. At the same time, these new goods should also prepare a sacrifice to their ancestors to pray for good weather.
It is hot during Slight Heat, and the human body consumes a lot. There will be signs of mental fatigue, bitter mouth, greasy moss, chest and abdomen distension, etc. HENGFENGYOU GROUP reminds friends to pay attention to antipyretic and heatstroke prevention, and supplement physical strength. In summer, the days are long and the nights are short, and the sleep time at night is less. You can take a nap for 20~30 minutes after lunch, which can effectively help restore physical function.


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