Oil-immersed Transformer

SVR - High Voltage Feed Voltage Regulating Transformer

  • Series: SVR
  • USES: Automatic voltage regulation and stabilization
  • Country of origin: China
  • Terms of payment: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram
  • Certification: ISO9001、CB、CE、KEMA

Product overview

·The SVR series automatic voltage regulating and stabilizing transformers for high-voltage feed lines track changes in line voltage, automatically collect and control signals from the circuit, and automatically adjust the transformer ratio of the device to ensure stable output voltage.
·The voltage regulating transformer produced by Hengfengyou can automatically adjust the input voltage within a range of ± 20%, suitable for lines with high voltage fluctuations or voltage drops. This type of feeder voltage regulator is installed in series at the middle and rear of 3KV-38KV lines to adjust the line voltage within a certain range, ensuring the power supply voltage of users.
·The SVR series feeder automatic voltage regulator produced by Hengfengyou is also suitable for substations where the main transformer does not have voltage regulation capability. This type of voltage regulator is installed on the outlet side of the substation transformer to ensure the voltage of the busbar on the outlet side.
·The SVR series feeder automatic voltage regulator is suitable for high or low voltage unstable places such as rural power grids, tunnels, oil fields, mining areas, chemical industries, substations, etc. At present, this product has been sold to developing countries such as Central Asia, Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America.

SVR - High Voltage Feed Voltage Regulating Transformer

Product advantage

-High voltage copper wire winding technology to improve lightning resistance performance

-Low voltage foil winding technology, high-quality A-E grade insulation material insulation

-Low magnetic leakage, high mechanical strength, and strong short-circuit resistance

-The material of the iron core is high-quality cold-rolled grain oriented silicon steel sheets with mineral oxide insulation (from Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and Steel Group in China)

-By controlling the process of cutting and stacking silicon steel sheets, the loss level, no-load current, and noise are minimized



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