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In the warm Mid Autumn Festival, hengfengyou electric distributed Mid Autumn Festival benefits to all employees

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Hengfengyou electric 2021 Mid Autumn Festival benefits
Source: hengfengyou electric Author: Chunyu
In this cool autumn season with sweet scented osmanthus, the Mid Autumn Festival in 2021 is ushered in. In order to thank all employees for their hard work for the development of the company and let all employees have a peaceful and Happy Mid Autumn Festival, the company has arranged holiday benefits for employees, including edible oil, moon cakes, tea, wine, etc, On September 17, the personnel of hengfengyou personnel and administration department distributed the purchased gifts one by one to everyone, sending deep love and full blessings to all employees.
The employees who received the gifts were full of happiness, smiling and praising. This activity is one of the many activities of caring for employees carried out by hengfengyou electric. A mid autumn festival gift represents good wishes and conveys hengfengyou's deep love for employees. In hengfengyou electric, it is not only a platform for everyone's development, but also a big family that loves each other.


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