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SG Series Dry-type Transformer

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Product overview

The SG series dry-type transformer is an environmentally friendly dry-type transformer manufactured by Hengfengyou Electric using insulation materials such as glass fiber and resin. It has a capacity of 30-2500KVA and a voltage below 35KV.
SG dry Transformer

Product advantage

1. The insulation materials used in the non polluting coil, such as glass fiber and resin, have good flame retardant performance and are difficult to ignite and self extinguishing, and will not produce toxic gases due to heating.
2. The partial discharge amount is small because it is poured under vacuum, and there are no bubbles or gaps in the high and low voltage coils, with reliable insulation performance. The partial discharge amount does not exceed 5pc.
3. Good moisture-proof performance, does not absorb dust, and is not afraid of corrosive gas erosion. The iron core, clamps, and other components that have undergone rust prevention and corrosion treatment are similar to coils, suitable for operation in harsh environments, especially in hot and humid environments.
4. High mechanical strength, good thermal stability, and after solidification, it forms a hard cylindrical coil. Due to its excellent combination of insulation materials and a thermal expansion coefficient basically consistent with copper conductors, it has obvious impact resistance and crack resistance.
5. Good insulation performance, high lightning resistance, and strong ability to withstand sudden short circuits.
6. Strong overload capacity, due to good heat dissipation performance and strong short-circuit overload capacity.
7. Low loss, small size, light weight, can save installation space, and minimize installation and operation costs.
8. Good economic performance, no fire or explosion, can be installed in the load center, fully close to the electrical point, saving expensive low-voltage facility costs.

Product parameters

Frequency: 50/60Hz Connection group: Y.yn0
Efficiency: ≥ 95%
Waveform distortion: no additional waveform distortion protection: equipped with overcurrent protection, capable of long-term unmanned operation. Overload capacity: twice the rated current, maintained for minutes
Insulation level: F H
Environmental temperature: -15 ℃~+45 ℃
Relative humidity:<90%
Insulation resistance: ≥ 50M
Electrical strength: Power frequency sine voltage 2000V for 1 minute without breakdown or flashover phenomenon


Our advantages

  - Authoritative certification: ISO, ANSI, CB,CSA etc
  - Perfect SQA quality management system and patented technology to ensure high quality products
  - Efficient production equipment and low raw material prices to ensure the price advantage
  - Sufficient inventory, short delivery time and  fast delivery worldwide
  - Perfect after-sales service system, allowing customers to buy worry-free
  - Provide OEM/ODM services. Welcome clients to visit our factory

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