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Introduction to electrical products in power industry (recommended Collection)

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According to the electrical engineer of Qingdao hengfengyou, power products refer to power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, power consumption and equipment. It is mainly divided into primary equipment, secondary equipment, power materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, renewable energy, power information technology, power tools, low-voltage electrical equipment and lighting equipment.

A. Definition and classification of primary equipment. The equipment that directly produces, transmits, distributes and uses electric energy is called primary equipment, which mainly includes the following aspects:
1. Equipment for producing and converting electric energy: such as generator for converting mechanical energy into electric energy, voltage conversion and transmission
The main transformer of electric energy, the motor that converts electric energy into mechanical energy, etc.
2. Switchgear for connecting and disconnecting circuits: such as high and low voltage circuit breakers, load switches, fuses, isolators
Off, contactor, magnetic starter, etc.
3. Electrical protection: such as reactor to limit short-circuit current, lightning arrester to prevent overvoltage, etc.
4. Current carrying conductor: such as soft and hard conductors and cables for transmitting electric energy.
5. Grounding protection device
Primary equipment products mainly include:
Introduction of electrical products in power industry, classification of electrical products, classification of main electrical products
Frequency conversion transformer, oil immersed step-up transformer (such as 110KV, 220kV, 500kV and other main power transformers produced by China XD and TBEA), oil immersed step-down transformer (such as 10 / 35kV series oil immersed transformer and 11 / 33kV series oil immersed transformer produced by hengfengyou electric), dry-type transformer (such as scb12 series epoxy resin dry-type transformer produced by hengfengyou) Rectifier transformer, electric furnace transformer, etc
2. Generator
Diesel generator, steam turbine generator, hydro generator, DC generator, alternator, three-phase asynchronous
The engine and thus the generator set organized by the above
3. Boiler
Steam boiler, hot water boiler, steam water boiler, organic heat carrier boiler, coal-fired boiler, oil fired boiler
Gas fired boiler, waste heat boiler, electric heating boiler, biomass boiler, natural circulation, forced circulation, mixed circulation
Ring, atmospheric pressure boiler, low pressure boiler, medium pressure boiler, high pressure boiler, ultra-high pressure boiler, single drum boiler, double drum boiler
Drum boiler, internal or external part: internal combustion boiler, external combustion boiler, natural circulation boiler, forced circulation boiler
Boiler, once through boiler, etc
4. Low voltage circuit breaker:
It is mainly divided into two categories: universal circuit breaker and plastic shell circuit breaker, which is commonly known as air switch in our life. At present, the main representative manufacturers are abb, Schneider, Chint, Delixi, Shanghai People's electric, etc.
5. High voltage circuit breaker
Oil circuit breaker (multi oil circuit breaker, low oil circuit breaker), sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker (SF6 circuit breaker), vacuum circuit breaker, compressed air circuit breaker, etc.
6. Load switch (high voltage load switch and low voltage load switch)
High voltage load switch --- solid gas producing high voltage load switch, compressed air high voltage load switch, compressed air high voltage load switch
High voltage load switch, oil immersed high voltage load switch, vacuum high voltage load switch, low voltage load switch -- also known as
Switch fuse group
7. Disconnector: (high and low voltage disconnector)
High voltage disconnector - GN series indoor high voltage disconnector high voltage circuit breaker GW series outdoor high voltage disconnector
Low voltage disconnector - HD, HS series disconnectors, HR series fuse disconnectors.
8. Fuse (commonly known as fuse)
Screw fuse RL, stuffing tube fuse RT, non stuffing tube fuse RM, stuffing closed tube fast fuse RS)
Fuse features: the rated current of the fuse is not equal to the rated current of the fuse. The rated current of the fuse shall be selected according to the load current of the protected equipment. The rated current of the fuse shall be greater than the rated current of the fuse, which shall be determined in cooperation with the main electrical appliance.
9. Contactor:
AC contactor, DC contactor, electromagnetic contactor, permanent magnet contactor, hydraulic contactor, pneumatic contactor
Moving contactor, direct acting contactor, rotating contactor, air electromagnetic contactor, vacuum contactor,
Semiconductor contactor, permanent magnet contactor, magnetic starter, etc.
10. Reactor
Core reactor, air core reactor. Current limiting reactor, shunt reactor, communication reactor, arc suppression
Reactor, filter reactor, electric furnace reactor, starting reactor. Hengfengyou also has more than 30 years of reactor production experience, and its products have been successfully sold to Europe, America, East Asia and other markets.
11. Lightning arrester
Open gap, closed gap arrester, open discharge tube, sealed discharge tube arrester, varistor arrester, suppression diode, varistor / gas discharge tube combination, silicon carbide
12. Current carrying conductor
Cut off wire
13. Grounding device:
The grounding device is composed of metal grounding body (angle steel, flat steel, steel pipe, etc.) embedded in the soil and grounding wire for connection. It is the sum of grounding connecting wire and grounding body, including working grounding, lightning protection grounding, protection grounding and instrument control grounding.
14. Wire and cable
Wires and cables include power cables, control cables, compensation cables, shielded cables, high-temperature cables, computer cables, signal cables, coaxial cables, fire-resistant cables, marine cables, etc. It is used to connect circuits and electrical appliances, bare wires, electromagnetic wires and insulated wires for motors and electrical appliances. They are composed of multiple strands of wires, which are used to connect circuits and electrical appliances
Note: the wire and cable products used in the power system mainly include overhead bare wires, bus bars (buses) and power cables
Cable (plastic cable, oil paper power cable (basically replaced by plastic power cable), rubber sheathed cable, overhead insulated power cable
Cable), branch cable (replacing part of bus), electromagnetic wire and electrical equipment wire and cable for power equipment.
Conductors (soft and hard) - metal conductors such as gold, silver, copper, iron, tin and aluminum.

B. Secondary equipment products and definitions: the auxiliary equipment for monitoring, measuring, controlling, protecting and regulating primary equipment is called secondary equipment:
1 measuring meters, such as voltmeter, ammeter, power meter and watt hour meter, are used to measure electrical parameters in the circuit.
2 insulation monitoring device
3 control and signaling devices
4 relay protection and automatic devices, such as relays and automatic devices, are used to monitor the operation status of the primary system,
Quickly respond to abnormalities and accidents, and then act on the circuit breaker for protection control.
5 DC power supply equipment, such as battery pack, DC generator, silicon rectifier, etc., provide power for control and protection
DC power supply
And DC load and emergency lighting power, etc.
6 high frequency wave arrester
Classification of secondary equipment:
1. Measuring meter
Commonly known as electricity meter: ammeter, magnetoelectric ammeter, AC ammeter, voltmeter, electronic voltmeter, analog voltmeter, watt hour meter, multi-purpose meter, household meter, card prepaid meter, prepaid meter
2. Insulation monitoring device and equipment
Insulators - post (pillar) insulators, suspension insulators, antifouling insulators and bushing insulators, insulators used in overhead lines, commonly used pin insulators, butterfly insulators, suspension insulators, porcelain cross arms, rod insulators and tension insulators, etc. Now commonly used insulators are: ceramic insulators, FRP insulators, synthetic insulators and semiconductor insulators.
3. Insulating material
There are many kinds of insulating materials, including gas, liquid and solid. Common gas insulating materials include air, nitrogen, sulfur hexafluoride, etc. Liquid insulating materials mainly include mineral insulating oil and synthetic insulating oil. Solid insulating materials can be divided into organic and inorganic. Organic solid insulating materials include insulating paint, insulating glue, insulating paper, insulating fiber products, plastics, rubber, lacquer cloth, paint pipe and insulating impregnated fiber products, electrical films, composite products and adhesive tapes, laminated products for electrical purposes, etc. Inorganic solid insulating materials mainly include mica, glass, ceramics and their products. In contrast, the variety of solid insulation materials is diverse and the most important.
4. Low voltage switchgear
Low voltage draw out switchgear, AC low voltage distribution cabinet, metal armored removable switchgear, low voltage fixed partition
Type switch cabinet, high voltage capacitor cabinet, high voltage switch cabinet( Qingdao hengfengyou electric can provide the following low-voltage switchgear series: GCL low-voltage withdrawable switchgear, GCS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear, GCS low-voltage switchgear, GCK withdrawable switchgear, GGD low-voltage fixed switchgear, assembled low-voltage switchgear, MNS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear, Ms low-voltage withdrawable switchgear, GCS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear,, GCS low voltage draw out switchgear, GCK (L) low voltage switchgear, etc.)
5. High voltage switchgear
High voltage circuit breaker, high voltage disconnector and grounding switch, high voltage load switch, high voltage automatic reclosing and sectionalizer, high voltage operating mechanism, high voltage explosion-proof distribution device and high voltage switchgear( Hengfengyou electric mainly provides kyn28 series, KYN61 series, hxgn series and other high-voltage switchgear products)
4. Control and signaling devices
(automatic control device, lighting energy-saving control device - high intelligent control system, microprocessor storage program, soft start function, automatic detection technology and control device, combustible gas alarm control device, detection and alarm control, high-pressure prepaid metering control device, air compressor automatic control device, automatic electro-hydraulic variable resistance starting control device, etc.
Central audio signal device, acousto-optic signal device, shear pin signal device, speed signal device, power stability control device)
5. Monitoring system
Relay protection calibrator system, protection and automatic device failure system, protection and automatic device misoperation system, microcomputer relay protection tester system, port power supply and automation system, smart grid digital simulation system, electrified railway power supply system, transmission line fixed series compensation and controllable series compensation device test, transmission system, large transformer on-line monitoring system, power generation Transmission, distribution and power grid construction
6. DC power supply equipment
(adjustable DC power supply, battery, DC generator, silicon rectifier, high frequency DC power supply, shore power supply, security power supply, high voltage power supply, medical power supply, military power supply, aerospace power supply, laser power supply and other special power supply)
7. High frequency wave arrester
(AC power system wave arrester, high frequency line wave arrester, AC power system line wave arrester, line wave arrester, etc.)

C. Power materials:
It is mainly the accessories of power equipment products and the accessories of models made of raw materials
Pole, power bus, power cable material, transmission line, FRP cable protective tube

D. Energy saving and environmental protection equipment
Wind power equipment, wind power blades, wind power tower, wind power gearbox, sewage treatment, ash removal and dust removal, solid waste treatment, waste power generation, flue gas desulfurization, pipe pressure parts, power plant boiler accessories, air preheater, power environmental protection, disposal of power plant fly ash lighting economizer, power system optimization technology, power distribution analysis technology, frequency conversion and voltage transformation technology, power saving system integration technology Engineering transformation technology, power economizer, renewable energy, power information technology, power tools, low-voltage electrical equipment and equipment.

E. Renewable energy - primary energy with self restoring original characteristics and sustainable utilization.
Solar energy, water energy, biomass energy, hydrogen energy, nuclear power plants, ocean energy, tidal energy, wind energy, wave energy and thermal cycle between ocean surface and deep layer. Geothermal energy can also be counted as renewable energy
F. Power information technology
Power grid system solution, power construction information system, etc

G. Power tools
Butt joint of trolley wire, rechargeable hydraulic contact wire cutter, five wheel contact wire straightener, contact wire fastening clamp, overhead insulated wire stripper, strong steel strand clamp, motorized winch, manual crimping pliers, die free crimping pliers, rechargeable crimping pliers, etc

H. Low voltage electrical equipment and apparatus
Coil suit platform, transformer body assembly frame, vertical winding machine, core turnover table, coil drying and pressing
Device, horizontal winding machine, wire and cable equipment, etc
I、 Lighting products
Normal lighting - indoor and outdoor lighting, emergency lighting, duty lighting, guard lighting and obstacle lighting. Emergency lighting includes standby lighting, safety lighting and evacuation lighting


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